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Exhibitions & Workshops

"Art Exposed"

presented by Kamloops Arts Council

March 5 - 13, 2021

Old Courthouse, Kamloops, BC

Kamloops Art Council Website

"Collective Art Displays"
presented by Art Zone Sun Peaks
June 1 - Sept 1, 2021
Guest Services (Sun Peaks day lodge) /  Tourism Sun Peaks offices / Sotheby's Real Estate

Art Exposed 2018.JPG
1 (2).jpg
Art Walk Williams Lake.jpg
Art Exposed 2023 (1).jpg

    Photos from Yosemoite National Park

Poster-Bill Fell, On the Hill 2021 1024_
July exhibition (3)1024_2.jpg
Art Exposed Mar '24.jpg
Four Finger Log - Sept '23.JPG

HeadPing 1P

Recent Photos

Four Finger Log - Sept '23.JPG
Eyes of the Log - Sept '23.JPG
Eagle's Bluff - Sept '23.JPG


              Four Finger Stump                  Eyes of the Log                            Eagle's Bluff                                                (Broughton Archipelago  Kayak Trip Sept '23)

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